The "Le Mans" Grand Touring Endurance car (LMGTE) is a car having an aptitude for sport with 2 doors, 2 or 2+2 seats, opened or closed, which can be used perfectly legally on the open road and available for sale thanks to the dealer network of a manufacturer recognised by the Endurance Committee.



Normally aspirated engines: 5500 cc maximum
Turbocharged / Supercharged engines: 4000 cc maximum.

Driver categories

LMGTE-Pro: The composition of the crews is free.


Maximum dimensions:

Overall length: 4800 mm

Front overhang: 1250 mm

Rear overhang: 1100 mm

Overall width: 2050 mm (excluding rear view mirrors)

Number panels

LMGTE-Pro: Pantone green 355, with white numbers.

Minimum weight

1245 kg (weight of the car without driver, fuel or fluids on board). The Endurance Committee reserves the right to adjust the minimum weight of any car in order to maintain the Balance of Performance between the cars.

Fuel Tank Capacity

90 litres (subject to Balance of Performance adjustments)