Autograph session

All drivers must be present for the whole of the autograph session. Team Managers are responsible for seeing to it that their drivers comply with these obligations and may be fined up to €500 per absent driver, at the Stewards' discretion.


Drivers' parade

At the Promoter's request, the drivers of the cars that are eligible to take the start of an Event are obliged to take part in a parade, wearing their racing apparel (except helmet), unless otherwise stated by the Promoter. For any absence or late arrival, a fine of €1000 per driver will be applied.


Mixed interview zone

A mixed zone to facilitate the meeting of drivers and media will be set up in the press room at each Event. At the end of qualifying, all the drivers who took part in the qualifying session, whatever their category, must report to the press room. The drivers who took part in the post-qualifying press conference are excused. Fine per absent driver is at the Stewards' discretion.