With both hybrid and non-hybrid cars competing together in LMP1, the technical regulators will issue an Equivalence of Technology (EoT) regulation to, as far as possible, equalise the performance of different manufacturers so they can all compete fairly.

The first adjustment of performance may be applied at any time by the Endurance Committee.

The principles of the Equivalence of Technology (EoT), calculated on the basis of the data collected from the "best in class" of each technology will be applied up to the 2018 Le Mans event inclusive, based on the values specified in Appendix B to the 2018 Technical Regulations.  Normally aspirated and turbocharged engines will be split into separate technology classes, along with hybrid powertrains, with the FIA Endurance Committee permitted to adapt the performance on non-hybrid cars only.

The Committee will have the right to request any necessary information from the manufacturers and/or the competitors, in order to the shed light on the issue at hand. Any such information will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. Any competitor having deliberately provided false information or having attempted to influence an adjustment by hiding its true level of performance will be penalised by the FIA.