6H Spa after 270 Minutes: Toyota Maintains Status Quo at Spa
Photo: Photo : Gabi Tomescu / AdrenalMedia.com

6H Spa after 270 Minutes: Toyota Maintains Status Quo at Spa

The third quarter of the WEC 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps saw the no8 Toyota. and  no26 G-Drive Racing Morgan maintain their lead in the LMP1 and LMP2 classes.  There was trouble for the no14 Porsche of Romain Dumas when an electrical issue caused the car to slow dramatically after running over some kerbs.  The Frenchman spent two laps attempting to reset the car from the cockpit and eventually he was successful.  

The no20 sister car was also having more problems and spent a long time in the garage before Mark Webber took to the track.

The no26 G-Drive Racing Morgan-Nissan of Olivier Pla still held a comfortable lead over the no38 JOTA Sport of Marc Gene despite a trip into the pits to repair a broken headlight.  The no47 KCMG Oreca of Matthew Howson was holding the final LMP2 podium position with just 90 minutes of the race remaining. 


18:59:26 Fastest lap of race for Davidson in Toyota #8 with 2:01.327 on lap 119

18:56:04 Audi #2 into pit for 7th stop of race

18:54:53 Porsche #20 back out - Webber at wheel for first time today

18:51:20 Porsche #20 back into garage again

18:50:19 Ferrari #61 takes lead in GTE Am from #98 Aston

18:48:57 Slow right rear wheel change for Porsche #14

18:48:00 Porsche #14 into pits - Jani into car

18:45:21 Audi #3 into pits

18:43:44 Leader in LMP2 #26 has to repair headlight at next pit stop - has a minute lead at present

18:41:41 Toyota #7 into gravel but continues

18:39:29 Toyota #8 into pits and out to retain lead after 1min 19 secs stop

18:37:32 46,000 spectators reported here for the 2 days 

18:35:31 Aston #95 takes lead in GTE Am from #61 Ferrari

18:33:54 Di Grassi into pits in #1 Audi - 54 second stop still in 2nd place

18:31:05 All 6 GTE Pro cars on same lap after 99 laps of race 

18:26:55 Porsche #14 had electrical issues - Dumas solved them via instructions from team

18:23:44 Toyota #7 into pits - #1 Audi back into 2nd

18:18:19 Toyota #7 takes Audi #1 for 2nd place

18:10:50 Porsche #20 back out again after 25 minute stop

18:09:29 Porsche #14 now appears to be running cleanly again - but a lap behind in 4th

18:06:42 Audi #2 into pits18:01:40Porsche #14 going slowly

17:57:14 Toyota #8 leads by 50 seconds from #14 Porsche

17:56:06 Toyota #7 loses 3rd place to Audi #1

17:54:54 Porsche #14 into pits - Dumas in

17:53:50 Davidson sets fastest lap of race 2:01.739 on lap 96

17:48:58 Porsche #20 pushed back into garage

17:47:51 Leader into pits Davidson into #8 - Porsche #14 retakes lead

17:46:23 Much delayed Porsche #20 back into pits

17:44:03 Di Grassi now in #1 Audi

17:43:38 Toyota #7 into pits - Wurz into car

17:41:09 Audi #1 into pits from 3rd place

17:39:12 G-Drive Morgan #26 now leads KCMG Oreca #47 by only 33 seconds after slow pit stop

17:30:50 Half Distance in the FIA WEC 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps