A Word from the Winners: LMP2 and LMGTE Am

We speak to the winners in LMP2 and LMGTE Am...

Jean-Eric Vergne – No.26 G-Drive Racing

“I think it was an amazing win. Obviously we don’t win in endurance without two good drivers and a good team, so big thanks to them. I think I did five stints in total.

“The first two stints I drove, we pushed really hard. I think we extended the gap to 1m20-something. Then when I took back the car, we kept extending the lead, and then we had the Safety Car, so the lead went down to 12 seconds and I had to push again. Then I left, just didn’t do any mistakes, and went across the finishing line first.

Andrea Pizzitola - No.26 G-Drive Racing

“I’m really happy to have the chance this year to be in a winning car. It’s important.

“Then you can do your maximum and when you do well, you win or you’re on the podium. So I’m really happy about that. The team did a great job, no mistakes all weekend, and the car was great, so what can I say? I’m just very happy”

Mathias Lauda – No.98 Aston Martin Racing 

“It’s really tough here to overtake the cars, and it took me a while to overtake him (Christian Ried). But then once I could pass him, I could open a really nice gap. But then every time we had a Safety Car, the gap went down to zero, so it was a really tough race.

“Pedro did a really good job in the last stint to hold the pressure from behind and bring home the win. It’s our fourth win here at Spa, and our fourth win in a row. It’s our best track, so it’s great to be back and winning.”

Paul Dalla Lana – No.98 Aston Martin Racing

“A little bit unexpected I think, just given the pace of some of our competitors earlier in the weekend. I think we capitalised on early-season mistakes and teething pains and just ran a clean race.

“Obviously racing at Spa in the sunshine and in front of a crowd like this is a dream for every driver. So thank you to all the fans, great time had. I am super happy.”

Pedro Lamy - No.98 Aston Martin Racing

“It was really close here. We had like 30 seconds in front of the second car, and I was quite relaxed when I was coming to the car, and then suddenly comes the Safety Car, and nothing I could do.

“We just went to the last stint and tried to keep the first place. The TF Sport Aston was really fast.

“They had new tyres I didn’t have, so it was a different gap there. With the traffic I was a bit faster, and it’s easier to be in front because with the fast corners, the guys behind cannot catch a lot. They cannot try to overtake because it’s opening quite a bit of a track. Then I kept first place until the end, that was the target, and I did it.”