Can’t think what to buy for Christmas?
Photo: WEC/Adrenal Media

Can’t think what to buy for Christmas?

Are you short on ideas for a last-minute gift, or time to go shopping, or just don’t know what to buy the racing-crazy person in your life? Think no further!

The FIA WEC app is the perfect gift and the best way to keep up with the world’s premier endurance racing championship all around the world.  

Available for use on PC, Apple or Android platforms and suitable for mobiles, tablets or laptops, it’s colourful, easy to use and full of free content such as live timing, news, photos, highlights, driver and team information and results.

A premium package contains offers live and uninterrupted broadcasts, special video interviews, onboards and post-race replays. 

The official FIA WEC® app full content is available in English and French.  The menu is available in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak and Spanish.

Check it out via the App Store or Google Play and make someone’s racing year!