Eduardo Freitas on WEC Talk: “I’m looking forward to going back to the track… I miss it and I need it!”
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Eduardo Freitas on WEC Talk: “I’m looking forward to going back to the track… I miss it and I need it!”

WEC Talk – the official FIA World Endurance Championship podcast – is back! The fifth episode has landed just in time for the weekend and features three exclusive interviews with some of endurance racing’s biggest names.

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The latest episode features an in-depth interview with the FIA WEC’s highly-regarded race director, Eduardo Freitas.  Having worked in the prestigious role since the WEC’s inception back in 2012, Eduardo has been instrumental in the championship’s success thanks to both his wisdom and direction.

He explains that safety is paramount: “The key point of the equation is always the safety and then we build on that. [We must ask] is it safe to do it? Yes or no? No, then what can be done to make it safe? Basically, that is how the equation has to be managed. Safety, then the sporting regulations then the show. So, if something is jeopardising the safety then we need to stop.”

Eduardo, who hails from Portugal, goes on to explain that the start of the race is always when he feels most tense, comparing the feeling like “you’re going to an exam”.  He takes up the story: “It’s a very tense moment, don’t forget with Le Mans – you’ve got 62 cars in the bunch and when something goes wrong... We’re very lucky in the WEC and ELMS in that they tend to behave themselves… even though it’s endurance, it’s still a sprint race – even 24 Hours of Le Mans is a 24 hour sprint.”

He finishes the interview by saying: “At the end of the day, my work goes well when everyone else works well. If a track marshal is not well, I’m not well. If a team manager has a problem, I have a problem. It is all about team work… It’s been too long since COTA… I’m really looking forward to going back to the track, I miss it and I need it!”

Expert endurance racing commentator and WEC Talk host Martin Haven also chats to AF Corse’s team manager Batti Pregliasco who discusses the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has created in terms of logistics.  He also outlines some of the difficulties of running over 70 cars across the WEC and ELMS, as well as several other championships around the globe.

We also hear from Ferrari factory driver and the 2017 WEC GTE World Champion, James Calado who answers various fan-based questions including his most awkward moment in the WEC. Finally, WEC’s resident pitlane reporter Louise Beckett gives her regular “Beckett Briefing” informing fans about what various teams have been busy doing over the past fortnight.

Don’t forget to listen HERE and check back in two weeks’ time when WEC Talk will have more exclusive interviews from drivers and key names from the world of endurance racing.

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