Happy Landings in Bahrain for Red Bull Stunt Team


It was not your usual pre-race entertainment at the Bahrain International Circuit on November 15th.  

As the FIA WEC cars were lined up on the grid minutes before starting their engines, Red Bull athlete Abdo Feghali slipped coolly onto the track and silenced the buzzing crowd by revving up his drift car's engine into a roar. He blurred track lines and drifted ear-poppingly loud donuts just as Wingsuit Base Jumper Jokke Sommer leaped from 5000 feet toward him. The audience couldnt decide where to look: at the incredibly precise drifting in front of them or at the human being soaring above them. 

Red Bull Show before the 6 Hours of Bahrain... par fiawec

For the first time in the region, the 6 Hours of Bahrain stunt featured a live drifting demonstration at a top class international track, and a wingsuit jump.

In the end, Sommer who landed effortlessly, as if he hadn't just dropped in from the sky, walked onto the track toward Feghali who drifted around him with such precision that it left the entire grandstand on the edge of their seats. The Red Bull athletes ended their performance with a high five for a job well done on making history at the Bahrain International Circuit.

From Red Bull Bahrain