How do WEC drivers celebrate Christmas? Part 1: Ben Keating
Photo: WEC

How do WEC drivers celebrate Christmas? Part 1: Ben Keating

With Christmas only a few weeks away, we thought we’d speak to some of our FIA WEC drivers to find out how they’d be spending the festive season and what their Christmas traditions are.

First up, we have Ben Keating from TF Sport. Here’s what the American had to tell us…

1.     Hi Ben, how will you be spending Christmas this year?

“All of our family will come to our house and enjoy time together.   We will go to a Christmas Eve lunch with extended family friends, then go to church, and finally a Christmas Eve Party at friends where we sing Christmas songs and have fun.  For Christmas morning, we stay in our pyjamas, open presents, eat our traditional Christmas breakfast and enjoy the family time together.”

2.     Do you have any family traditions?

“Lots!  Lunch, party, church, Christmas PJs, breakfast, stockings, etc.”

3.     What do you eat on Christmas day?

“Our big meal is breakfast.  We have the three different breakfast casseroles that morning.  We always look forward to these eating traditions in our home.”

4.     What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

“Family gatherings and the ability to be together with no distractions.”

5.     What has been your most memorable present?

“In 2005, my lovely wife gave me a Driver’s Education weekend at Texas World Speedway for Christmas.   I went and had the most fun I’d ever had.  This gift was the seed that grew into my racing.”

6.     If you could spend Christmas with two other WEC drivers, who would they be and why (you’re not allowed to pick your teammates!)

“Nico Lapierre and Renger Van der Zande -  I love those guys!  Just fun to be around.”

7.     You get a new car as a surprise Christmas gift… what is it?

“Jeep Trackhawk!   Such an amazingly fun vehicle.”

8.     Will you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

“To win the 2022 championship!”