How do WEC drivers celebrate Christmas? Part 5: Brendon Hartley
Photo: WEC

How do WEC drivers celebrate Christmas? Part 5: Brendon Hartley

As Christmas approaches, has been speaking to various FIA WEC drivers to find out how they will be spending the festive season and what their Christmas traditions are.

Next in our series, we have Toyota Gazoo Racing’s Brendon Hartley. Here’s what the New Zealand driver, who has just become a father, had to tell us…

1. How will you be spending Christmas this year?

“This will be the second Christmas in a row that we haven’t made it back to New Zealand. Pre Covid it was always the tradition. This year will anyway be very different as my wife just gave birth last week, so it will be the first Christmas together as a new growing family.”

2. Do you have any family traditions?

“Generally I spend Christmas in NZ with family. It’s normally a time of many bbq’s and roast dinners. I wouldn’t say we have any deep-rooted traditions that have been the same every year.”

3. What do you eat on Christmas day?

“If we were in NZ then a BBQ would be a given, there’s a high chance of roast lamb too. This year we have some close friends in Monaco - I don’t know the exact plan yet, but I may do a roast lamb to give some Kiwi vibes.”

4. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

“Good weather and spending time with family (when in NZ!)”

5. What has been your most memorable present?

“A HANS device. I remember getting it around  aged 13 before I was racing formula Ford. Not saying it was the best present, but shows my family wasn’t big on the traditional  stuff, but always had racing on the mind!”

6. If you could spend Christmas with two other WEC drivers, who would they be and why (you’re not allowed to pick your teammates!)

“Jose-Maria [Lopez] and Mike [Conway] from car 7 as they are my cycling buddies in Monaco and we would no doubt go for a ride and chat bicycles. Probably some cycling themed gifts on the cards too! Earl Bamber would be the third, we spent many holidays together as kids and go way back.”

7. You get a new car as a surprise Christmas gift… what is it?

“Another GR Yaris in a different colour. We love our GR Yaris’s!”

8. Will you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

“Probably not!”