The 2018 Le Mans LMGTE Pro field… in Lego!
Photo: Lasse Deleuran

The 2018 Le Mans LMGTE Pro field… in Lego!

It’s no secret that lockdown helped fuel people’s creativity but the FIA WEC team were hugely impressed by one individual’s ability to create the full LMGTE Pro field from the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans – entirely built from Lego!

Lasse Deleuran, who hails from Germany, revealed his finished product on a Reddit WEC thread earlier this week explaining the project took two years to complete including a staggering 12,447 different parts. 

To view Lasse’s post on Reddit, click HERE and to view his YouTube channel explaining more about the project, click HERE.

Enjoy a selection of the wonderful Lego creations below and on behalf of the entire WEC team, well done Lasse!