Picture this: Our top pics from Le Mans 2022

We asked our snappers for their best pics from this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans…

The 90th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the third round of the 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship was a magical one in many regards, not least the beautiful light bathing La Sarthe and facilitating some incredible images. We asked the FIA WEC official photographers for some of their favourites from this month’s race. Enjoy!

Gabi Tomescu:
We've been spoiled this year with amazing light all the way throughout the race.We had amazing racing and a great sunset and sunrise, an amazing parade, it was just magic.I took a lot of photographs that I love and it's really really hard to pick one. Somehow the last image I took stands out for me. I love the Parc Fermé fence shadow that blends with the front of a battle scarred car that went through a full 24h of abuse. Maybe not the most spectacular photograph but it tells a story for me.


Harry Parvin :

#92 Porsche 911 chasing the #64 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R for second position. After almost six hours of racing they are still so close together and shoot past me at the forest section that leads towards Indianapolis. I knew I wanted to get here, because the sun will be in a straight line with the cars when it sets. It's a long drive on my trusty little scooter, but when the whole area got covered in that golden glow, it was worth it. The Corvettes which were 1&2 at that point didn’t even finish the race and the Porsche ended up outside of the Podium, which is a kind reminder of how brutal endurance racing can be. 


Marius Hecker:
"Okay, where do you want to go?" Sitting on the side of a helicopter with no door, being secured only by a little belt and having cameras hanging around your neck, this is a sentence that will give you goosebumps as a photographer. Especially when you have booked the heli right around sunset for the best light.

Our first spot is at Arnage corner, hovering next to the Arena, from there we make our way down the Mulsanne straight, flying perpendicular to the track while the cars shoot through underneath my feet. Again, goosebumps, but probably because of the height and that flimsy belt, and did I mention there was no door?!

Then we get to the forest that leads toward Indianapolis, the sun is setting right in front of us. I know my colleagues are down below getting amazing light streaking across the track, but my view isn't bad either. What felt like an eternity between the cars were probably only seconds, and it felt like there were only five on track, but then a LMP2 and a GTE car came by at the same time, the shutter clicked this was the result.