LMP 270-Minutes: Toyota and G-Drive Ligier continue to dominate
Photo: Photo : Richard Washbrooke - Photo Copyright 2014 John Rourke / AdrenalMedia.com

LMP 270-Minutes: Toyota and G-Drive Ligier continue to dominate




There were thousands of happy Japanese fans as Toyota Racing continued to control the 6 Hours of Fuji with just 90-minutes of the race remaining.

The #8 Toyota TS 040 Hybrid, in the hands of Sebastien Buemi, held a 17 second advantage over the #7 Kazuki Nakajima piloted Toyota with one scheduled pit stop remaining.

Taking over in third position was the #1 Audi Sport Team Joest R18 e-tron quattro driven by Tom Kristensen. The nine-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner was showing just why he has earned legendary status by taking advantage of some problems for the #14 Porsche 919 Hybrid. Romain Dumas reported a brief loss of power but was soon back up to speed and was 27 seconds behind the #1 Audi with 90mins remaining.

Brendon Hartley had taken over the #20 Porsche 919 Hybrid and placed fifth just 11-seconds behind his team mate. The ‘flying Kiwi’ was trading similar times to Dumas as the clock ticked to 4 hours 30mins.

Marcel Fassler was in the cockpit of the #2 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro and targeting Hartley’s Porsche.

The LMP1-L category was under the full control of Rebellion Racing as their #13 R-One-Toyota held a significant six lap advantage over the Lotus entered CLM P1/01.

In LMP2 the G-Drive Ligier-Nissan continued to lead the way. The KCMG Oreca-Nissan, now with Richard Bradley at the wheel was attempting to reduce a 47 second deficit as the race went in to the final 90-minutes. The OAK Racing Morgan-Judd, riven by local heroine, Keiko Ihara was elevated to third place when the SMP Racing Oreca-Nissan (Sergey Zlobin) was forced to take a penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

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RACE FACTS after 270 minutes

15:29:11 GTE pro leader #99 Aston into pits #51 Ferrari retakes lead

15:27:20 Rebellion #12 back on track

15:22:07 Oak Morgan #35 takes 3rd in P2 after 90 second penalty for #27 Oreca

15:19:55 P2 2nd place car #47 Oreca also into pitlane 

15:18:51 P2 leader #26 Ligier into pitlane

15:09:45 Fassler into #2 Audi

15:09:08 Audi #2 into pits

15:16:16 Porsche #20 into pits Hartley into car

15:06:50 Aston #99 takes lead in GTE Pro

15:05:53 GTE Am leader Aston #95 into pits but just retains lead from #98 Aston

15:04:02 Rebellion #12 into pit garage after cutting out problems on track

15:03:11 In GTE Am #95 Aston leads from #98 Aston and #81 Ferrari 

15:02:17 In GTE Pro #51 Ferrari leads from #71 Ferrari and #99 Aston

15:00:41 In P2 #26 Ligier leads from #47 Oreca and #27 Oreca

14:59:29 90 second stop and go penalty for #27 Oreca for speeding in pit lane 

14:58:25 With 2 hours left #8 Toyota leads #7 Toyota from #20 Porsche in LM P1

14:54:38 Aston #98 passes Aston #95 for GTE Am lead

14:50:33 Audi #1 back up to 4th

14:48:26 Porsche #14 into pits Dumas stays in

14:47:47 Oreca #27 reported for speeding in pit lane

14:47:08 No further action for yellow flag incidents for #7 #51 and #98

14:45:02 Toyota #7 also in Nakajima now in car

14:44:14 Toyota #8 into pits from the lead

14:36:04 Porsche #14 retakes 3rd place

14:35:28 Audi #1 into pitlane

14:30:03 Ferrari #51 takes lead in GTE Pro

14:24:35 37 second gap between #1 Audi in 3rd and #14 Porsche in 4th

14:22:00 Porsche #14 now back up to usual speed

14:19:07 Porsche #14 reports lack of power

14:14:20 Audi #2 into pitlane from 5th place

14:11:21 Audi #1 now up to 3rd

14:10:02 Porsche #20 into pitlane

14:04:57 In GTE Am #95 Aston leads from #98 Aston and #81 Ferrari

14:03:30 In GTE Pro #99 Aston leads from #71 Ferrari and #51 Ferrari

14:02:04 In P2 #26 Ligier leads from #47 Oreca and #27 Oreca

14:01:03 At halfway mark #8 Toyota leads by 8 seconds from #7 Toyota with #20 Porsche in 3rd