My Sebring…Renger van der Zande
Photo: WEC/Adrenal Media

My Sebring…Renger van der Zande

Ahead of the WEC’s first visit back to America’s historic Sebring Raceway since 2012, we asked a number of drivers in our paddock about what it takes to get a good lap at Sebring, and what’s so special about the track.

Renger van der Zande, No.10 DragonSpeed (LMP1)

“I think Sebring is not so much about a good lap because it’s a longer race than usual.  On that track, being so hard on the car and so bumpy for the drivers, it’s more important to have a good way going around there which doesn’t take too much out of the driver and the car than having one laps which might destroy the car, the tyres and the drivers.  It’s about keeping consistency high and driving around the bumps in a smooth way, I think that’s the way to win a race over there.

“The atmosphere is really nice.  It’s Spring Break and some of the fans are maybe not there to race but just to party!  It’s great to combine the two things and it’s pure entertainment.  The fans come dressed as everything and anything, with weird things like boats – they don’t sleep in a camper, they sleep in a boat... They are often quite drunk too!  I once jumped on a golf cart to get somewhere and realised half way that the driver was absolutely drunk and we almost twice drove into a car.  On the other hand it’s very open and a nice atmosphere with the fans getting close to the cars and us – I love it there.”

WEC practice begins on Wednesday March 13, including a night practice, with qualifying taking place on Thursday March 14 from 9:30 pm and the green flag dropping for the 1000 Miles of Sebring at 4:00 pm on Friday March 15.