Next stop, Fuji!

Today the FIA WEC got one step closer to Fuji as the freight took off for round two of WEC Season 8 in Japan.

A total of four planes will carry 32 vehicles to Japan (30 race cars plus two safety/course cars).  

Since Sunday 22 September, the WEC teams have been preparing the freight in Hahn, Germany.  Once in Japan, the freight will then be transported to Fuji Speedway on multiple trucks before being handed over to the teams on Tuesday 1 October ready for the race week ahead. 

Several weeks ago, as much material and goods as possible, including supplies such as tyres and fuel, set sail for Japan by sea freight. There’s lots of paperwork involved too with teams having to prepare various documents such as detailed carnets – all dependent on the specific procedure which is required for that country. 

All of this wouldn’t be possible without WEC’s trusted logistics partner, DHL.  Since 2012, DHL has been responsible for the WEC’s logistics from the organisation and booking of chartered freight aircraft, sea freight and truck transports to the processing of all documents and the coordination, monitoring and management of ad-hoc shipments at the circuits.

DHL will ensure the safe delivery of the freight to Fuji Speedway.  There will be little time for the logistics team to rest, however, as it will be all systems go to prepare for the next departure to Shanghai – where 70 sea containers need to go for round 3 of WEC… Phew!