Permanent officials

The FIA will appoint the permanent officials of the Championship who will officiate at each Event:

  • The Chairman and the 2nd International Steward of the Panel of Stewards, who must hold an FIA Platinum Licence,
  • The Race Director,
  • The Permanent Technical Delegate,
  • The Chief Scrutineer,
  • The Medical Delegate of the Championship,
  • The official timekeeper.

The Chief Scrutineer will be responsible for scrutineering and will have full authority over the National Scrutineers.


Non-permanent officials

The following officials will be appointed by the ASNs and their names notified to the FIA at the same time as the application to organise an Event:

  • At least one of the Stewards shall be nominated by the ASN promoting the Event or granting the Organising Permit therefore.
  • The Clerk of the Course.



The role of the FIA delegates is to help the officials of the Event in their duties, to see within their fields of competence that all the regulations governing the Championship are respected, to make any comments they deem necessary, and to draw up any necessary reports concerning the Event. The FIA may appoint for each Event:

  • A Representative of the President of the FIA,
  • An Adviser to the Stewards,
  • A non-permanent Medical Delegate,
  • A Safety Delegate,
  • An Observer.

The Adviser to the Stewards is necessarily an experienced former endurance driver. His role is to assist the Panel in its decisions by providing advice on all questions pertaining to motor sport in general and in particular those relating to the behaviour of the drivers and the competitors on the track, and the categorisation of the drivers when the Panel is required to give a decision on this point.