The Stewards may impose the penalties set out in the present regulations in addition to or instead of any other penalties available to them under the Code.



Protests must be made in conformity with the Code and accompanied by a deposit of €1000 (or the equivalent in dollars at the rate of the day), paid in cash.



The appeal fee for the International Court of Appeal is €6000 (cf. Judicial and Disciplinary Rules of the FIA). Any decision taken by the Endurance Committee is not subject to appeal.


Instructions and communications to competitors

Officials' notifications and decisions and the results (practice and race) will be posted on the official notice board.   

Instructions, decisions, notifications or communications from the officials are given to the competitors in writing. The competitors must acknowledge receipt. The signature of the competitor or of his designated representative is mandatory. If the competitor refuses to sign: possible exclusion of the competitor and his car(s), at the Stewards' discretion.