The organizer must ensure the presence of an official during all pit stops, both in the pit lane and the garage.

During a pit stop, standing from the line in front of the pit shutter, a member of the pit crew must be beside the car at all times with a fire extinguisher. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion.

During any pit stop, whatever the reason, the engine must be switched off. Penalty: stop and go, stopping and restarting of the engine by the driver.

At a pit stop, and only when the car is stopped outside its garage, the driver may undo his seat belts, remove his safety net or racing net for LMGTE cars, switch off his lights, turn off his engine (unless the car is moving in the pit lane in electric mode) and open his door. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion. 

When the car has to enter its garage, it must first park outside the garage in the “working area”, parallel to the track, and then be pushed by a maximum of 4 mechanics, with the engine turned off. Penalty: at the Stewards’ discretion.  When a car is ready to re-join, it must be pushed by 4 mechanics to a position in the “working area” parallel to the track. The engine must be started by the driver alone.

If a driver overruns his pit, the car can only be moved back by the team's mechanics (a maximum of 4). The use of reverse gear is strictly prohibited. The same regulation applies if the car breaks down as it leaves its pit, and before the limit of the end of the pit area. In this case, the car must be pushed back to its pit by a maximum of 4 mechanics before any work is carried out.  Penalty: exclusion.

Before leaving his pit, the driver must fasten his seat belts, put in place his safety net or racing net and switch on his lights. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion.

The Car Controller is responsible for ensuring that a car is released from the working area only when it is safe to do so. Cars in the fast lane have priority over those leaving the working area. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion.