During refuelling, from the line in front of the pit shutter, the driver may remain on board of the car but the engine must be stopped. An assistant with an extinguisher must be beside the car at all times. A maximum of two people is specially assigned to refuelling. The cut off valve attendant is at his post.

The car is grounded electrically before the connection of the filling and venting couplings. Changing of the flow meter for LMP1 cars is part of the refuelling process. Cars equipped with an energy recovery system (Hybrids – ERS) must be shown as being in a safe mode: RED light off, GREEN light on. The external connection of an electronic data recorder is authorised before, during or after refuelling. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion.

During practice and the race, refuelling must be carried out using the pit’s autonomous supply tank bearing the number of the car and with the fuel delivered by the organiser. It is prohibited to move the refuelling rig in order to facilitate refuelling operations during a car's pit stop. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion. 

During the race (not applicable during practice sessions), refuelling is authorised at the beginning of a pit stop and exclusively in the working area, except if the car has entered the garage for repairs, in which case the refuelling can be done at the end of the pit stop, only in the working area. Penalty: at the Stewards' discretion.

Laptops or any other electronic apparatus are prohibited in the working area during refuelling and wheel changes. Penalty: At the Stewards' discretion.