Tyre and wheel changes are authorised on the starting grid up to the "3 minutes" board and in the working area in front of the pit of the car. As an exception, the tyres may be changed inside the garage if and only if the car has been pushed there for the purpose of carrying out mechanical operations on it. This derogation from the established principle will be restrictively interpreted.

For a wheel change, mechanics must bring a maximum of two wheel guns into the working area; without external assistance, take the new wheels and place the ones being replaced between the garage and the 2.5 m line or inside the garage; carry at all times the detached wheels when they are outside the garage. However, in order to facilitate wheel changes, it is possible to lay them flat on the ground near the car. Mechanics must not throw the wheels or drop them or disconnect the air jacks and take the equipment back behind the 2.5 m line.

Wheel changes are allowed during refuelling.

The car cannot leave the pit until the mechanics in charge of wheel changes and their equipment are no longer in the working area. The area situated between the painted line in front of the pit shutter and the 2.5 m painted line may be used for tyres and the tools necessary for these operations. No assistance may be given by a person standing in that area. For any wheel that a mechanic may lose control of, or for any other infringement within this area: penalty at Stewards’ discretion.

Warming the tyres and/or the maintenance at temperature in the “working area”, pit garage and on the starting grid is prohibited. Wheels must be visible to officials at all times in these areas. In case of infringement:  penalty at the Stewards’ discretion.