Pits and paddock

The Promoter alone is allowed to assign pits and places in the Paddock. The competitors may enter the circuit and set up in the pits at the latest from the Wednesday morning preceding the Event (Tuesday when the Event takes place on the Saturday). The Promoter may define the order in which the competitors enter the circuit. The competitors must conform to it and respect it.

An order of priority for the choice of pits for the LMP1 competitors entered in the LMP1 World Endurance Championship on each of the Events in the 2018-2019 Championship will be determined according to the manufacturers' classification of the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship.

No truck assembly (tractor + trailer) may exceed an overall length of 19 metres (except for the Sebring Event) on pain of being denied entry to the circuit. The dismantling of the installations and the evacuation of the equipment must be completed by 12 noon on the day following the last day of the Event, unless otherwise stated in Appendix 1 of the event concerned.