"Private testing" refers to any testing outside the official collective tests, in which one or more competitors officially entered in the Championship take part with one or more cars of a model that will compete in the season or could be likely to take part in it.

The regulations on private testing are applicable between the publication of the entries and the end of the last race of the championship.


"Closed private testing"

"Closed private testing" means testing organised by a competitor. Other competitors may take part only by invitation of the competitor organising the testing.


"Open private testing"

"Open private testing" is a test session organised upon the initiative of at least one competitor, but in which all the other competitors in the Championship may take part.

In the spirit of cost reductions, a competitor declaring an open test is invited to announce it as soon as possible in order to offer to other competitors the opportunity to share the track.


Number of days authorised (per car entered on a full-season basis)

Closed private testing: 3 days for LMP1, 2 days for LMP2, 10 days for LMGTE Pro and Am.

Open private testing: 12 days for LMP1, 5 days for LMP2, unlimited for LMGTE Pro and Am.