WEC Unmasked - all the 2022 season action and intrigue laid bare over 40 minutes
Photo: 2022

WEC Unmasked - all the 2022 season action and intrigue laid bare over 40 minutes

Something for the weekend, take in WEC 2022 in its full unmasked glory, coming to a screen near you

And we are racing! 

As 2022 draws to a close and the final weekend before Christmas is upon us, how better to kick back and relax for 40 minutes than by taking in a rather special FIA World Endurance Championship season recap – WEC 2022 Unmasked!

Going straight to the drama and action both on track and off, this early Christmas present is a vital video to put on your player to bask in the golden delights from the six rounds of the 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship.

On the grass, in the gravel, upside-down, in the barriers, on the barriers, on the podium, in the doldrums; drama, headache, surfing, helicopters, planes and trophies: This video really has everything.

Hear from the drivers speaking at the peaks and troughs of their year and see the action which defined the incredible tenth season of WEC.

Not only will you hear from the drivers, but wise WEC sage Anthony Davidson shows he knows his onions as he brings his wise counsel to bear across the key moments of 2022 and looks ahead to the stupendous 2023 in store.

This really is an unmissable feast of audio-visual incredibility.

But how can you attain these highs?

This video was ten months in the making, but in mere tenths of a second you can be viewing it. 

Just. Click. Here.

And if WEC 2022 Unmasked whets your appetite for more, remember you can go back over the entire year with WEC Full Access with 24 episodes of action, four for each of the six 2022 races. 

Taking you, the viewer, direct into team briefings, private mid-race discussions, official driver briefings and previously inaccessible areas of the WEC paddock, ‘WEC Full Access’ is your very own private pass into some highly animated situations. 

You’ll be taken inside the stories as they happened, letting you experience the no-holds barred, sometimes stressful but always entertaining world of world class endurance competition.

The full WEC Full Access playlist can be accessed here