A tribute to LMP1 – in numbers! Part 1
Photo: WEC

A tribute to LMP1 – in numbers! Part 1

Did you know that collectively LMP1 cars have raced 17.5 times around the globe since the FIA WEC began back in 2012? Read on to learn more…

As the WEC prepares for its final race of Season 8 in Bahrain, it also marks the countdown to the final time that LMP1 will form the championship’s top-tier category before the introduction of the highly-anticipated Hypercars in 2021.

There have been some hugely memorable moments in LMP1 over the years and alongside @WECData, we have gathered some of our favourite facts and figures from the past eight years.

Here’s part one of a three-part story highlighting some of LMP1’s biggest achievements.

Nine LMP1 engine manufacturers
There have been nine different LMP1 engine manufacturers: Audi, AER, Gibson, Judd, Nismo, Mecachrome, Honda, Toyota, Porsche

12 different LMP1 manufacturers
There have also been 12 different manufacturers of LMP1 cars since 2012. They include: Audi, BR Engineering, CLM/Enso, Dome, Ginetta, Honda, Lola, Nissan, OAK/Pescarolo, Oreca (branded as Rebellion), Porsche and Toyota.

17.5 times around the globe! 
Did you know that LMP1 cars have raced competitively in the WEC for a total of 708,314km since 2012.  That’s a staggering 17.5 times around the entire globe!  330,117km of the total 708,314km have been raced at Le Mans itself – just over eight times around the globe…

Or to separate it by kilometres raced in each continent, here’s the full breakdown:

•    476,539km in Europe
•    142,978km in Asia
•    69,933km in North America
•    18,864km in South America

92,856 laps completed 

Collectively, LMP1 cars have completed a total of 92,856 laps since the WEC began.

•    Toyota have completed 24,118 laps, or 25.97% of all LMP1 cars 
•    Audi is second on 19,659 laps (21.17%)
•    Rebellion is third with 18,158 laps (19.56%)