Getting to know: Andrew Watson
Photo: WEC / Adrenal

Getting to know: Andrew Watson

As part of a regular “getting to know” series on, we spoke to several drivers across the LMP and GT classes to find out a little bit more about the men behind the helmets.

Third up in our series is Gulf Racing’s Andrew Watson, below is what he had to say.

1.    What is your earliest racing memory?
“I always remember the start of my journey in local quad racing in Northern Ireland. The thing I cherish the most is that it was a really small team, with my dad at the helm. It was really stripped back to the basics. We used to load up the trailer the night before and it was always such a buzz! I remember being so excited once and waking up, running into his room and shouting “get up, get up - we need to get going to the track!” and he replied: “what are you talking about?”.  Only to find out it wasn't the weekend and I’d have to wait a few more days…!”

2.    If you could invite three people (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would they be and why? 
“Lewis Capaldi because he is possibly the funniest man alive. Morgan Freeman because I’d like to know if his voice is as good in real life. And finally, Emily Ratajkowski because I have a crush on her!”

3.    What’s your favourite food?
“Mexican would be a strong contender”

4.    If you could have one wish, what would it be?
“Have a fun and successful career, making some friends along the way and with a 24 Hours of Le Mans win in my collection.”

5.    Can you tell us something that we wouldn’t know about one of your team-mates? 
“Ben Barker jumped his first start in WEC and got a drive-through penalty”

6.    If you could be a professional at any other sport what would it be and why? Similarly, if you could attend any sporting event in the world that you haven’t already been to, what would it be? 
“Easy - golf! I love the sport and think the lifestyle would be pretty nice, although a lot of time away from your family. The sporting event I would love to attend is a boxing world heavyweight title fight, ringside.”

7.    What’s your most embarrassing moment?
“Doctoring one of my early school reports, and my parents finding out.”

8.    What’s your favourite film and favourite actor?
“I recently watched the Joker and thought it was slightly strange, but completely riveting! I love Robert De Niro.”

9.    Do you have any bad habits?
“Turning up at airports way too early!”

10.    Finally, can you tell us a joke? (Keep it clean please!)
“What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.”

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