Goodyear Wingfoot Award returns to FIA WEC for 2024
Photo: WEC

Goodyear Wingfoot Award returns to FIA WEC for 2024

Goodyear, the exclusive tyre supplier for LMGT3 in this year’s FIA WEC, will continue to run its Goodyear Wingfoot Award throughout the 2024 season.

The Wingfoot Award recognises the consistent performance of LMGT3 drivers in the WEC, celebrating the art of maximising performance and executing a consistent pace.

After each round, the award is given to the LMGT3 driver who achieves the fastest stint average (or double stint at round four of the WEC, the 24 Hours of Le Mans). 

Goodyear will also award one set of free tyres for the winning team and three sets at the end of the season for the overall champion at the Rookie Test.

The WEC scoring system is used for the season result, meaning the points scales with the length of the race. All drivers are eligible and counted in the season points, not just full-WEC entries.

Round one of the 2024 WEC season, the Qatar Airways Qatar 1812Km gets underway later this week (1-2 March) at the Lusail International Circuit.