Le Mans Ultimate announces early access release plan
Photo: Le Mans Ultimate

Le Mans Ultimate announces early access release plan

Le Mans Ultimate will be available to the public in early access form on Tuesday 20 February.

This will allow players to get their hands on the official FIA World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans game developed by renowned simulation developer, Studio 397. 

The title will feature all the cars and circuits from the memorable 2023 centenary year showcasing the exciting arrival of the revered Hypercars from that season. Cadillac, Ferrari, Glickenhaus, Peugeot, Porsche, Toyota and Vanwall, developed with extensive manufacturer support, will all feature in the PC-based game.

Motorsport fans can start their Le Mans Ultimate journey through either Online events, powered by the latest version of RaceControl coming to Le Mans Ultimate, or Single Player Race Weekend. Users will be able to adjust the time of day, session duration and weather conditions to their liking before racing against best-in-class AI drivers.

The price will be set at €29.99 EUR / £24.99 GBP / $32.99 USD for day one release, allowing those who purchase early to capitalise on a lower price point and gain the ability to provide feedback and steer future content. As the game evolves through Early Access, the improved experience and content offering will be accompanied by incremental price increases for new purchasers.  

Game development will be a collaborative process with Le Mans Ultimate providing regular updates on the build of the game, fixes, features, content development and user quality of life updates. The Le Mans Ultimate community will not only be kept up to speed by the Studio 397 team, but also encouraged to take part in future polls, events, forums and suggestions as developers work alongside the community to shape future developments. 

For further information on Le Mans Ultimate visit www.lemansultimate.com or the games’ social media channels.