The H24EVO is revealed in hydrogen village at Le Mans

Presented in the form of sketches last October, the H24EVO is now on display in the hydrogen village of the 24 Hours of Le Mans – round four of FIA WEC.

Pierre Fillon and Jean-Michel Bouresche, the co-presidents of MissionH24 and the partners of the programme, today revealed the model of the brand-new hydrogen electric prototype.

Well supported by its partners, TotalEnergies, Symbio, Michelin, OPmobility, Dietsmann and Richard Mille, the H24EVO is made up of elements created for performance and competition.

Fuel cell and even Symbio battery system, OPmobility tanks, engine, Michelin tyres, everything has been optimised - designed to perform with the H24EVO, supplied with hydrogen by the TotalEnergies mobile H2 station.

On the H24 as on the LMPH2G, the key parts existed in more classic versions. The next important step for the H24EVO: its first run in 2025, during the first quarter.

Pierre Fillon, Automobile Club de l'Ouest President and co-president of MissionH24: “The H24 was a landmark car in the MissionH24 program since it was the first hydrogen electric prototype to race in Endurance competition, in Michelin on Mans Cup, linking the finish to each of its engagements. The H24EVO demonstrates a new step for MissionH24: aligning a hydrogen electric prototype capable of competing with conventional thermal cars. Hydrogen will not be on the track, it will compete on the track.”

Jean-Michel Bouresche, president of H24Project and co-president of MissionH24: “The objective we have set for ourselves is for the H24EVO to be the first FIA-homologated electric-hydrogen prototype and for it to present a level of performance equivalent to the best GT3s. To do this, we must integrate the latest technologies to have the necessary power. I would like to take this opportunity to salute Symbio’s very strong involvement in the H24EVO programme.”