General requirements

Only drivers and cars that have passed the administrative checks and scrutineering are authorised to take part in official practice.

Drivers must take part in the official practice sessions and set a minimum qualifying time and, when a race takes place partly at night, must cover at least five laps of practice at night and cross the start/finish line at least one time. Drivers must drive only the car for which they have been designated, unless prior and express dispensation has been granted by the Stewards in a case of force majeure.

During practice, pit and track discipline and all safety measures will be the same as in race.


Interruption of practice and qualifying

The Race Director may interrupt practice for safety reasons if required. In agreement with the Stewards, he is not obliged to resume a practice session after an interruption. In case of interruption of a practice session, no protest is admissible as to the possible consequences on the qualifying of the drivers and of the cars.