The decision to stop practice or the race lies with the Race Director.

The Clerk of the Course or Race Director will order the red flag to be shown simultaneously at the start line and at all marshal posts, and the red lights (if there are any) must be switched on around the circuit. All drivers must reduce the speed of their car to a maximum of 80 kph whenever a red flag is deployed during a session (free practice, qualifying or warm-up session).


Suspension of the race

Should it become necessary to suspend the race because the circuit is blocked by an accident or because weather or other conditions make it dangerous to continue, the Race Director will order red flags to be shown at all marshal posts and the abort lights to be shown at the start line. When the signal to suspend the race is given, overtaking is prohibited, the pit entry and exit will be closed, and all drivers must drive their cars slowly to the red flag line, where they will be lined up in single file. The safety car will be placed in front of the cars lined up behind the red flag line.

While the race is suspended, neither the race nor the timekeeping will be halted. Driving time during a red flag period will not be counted and the stewards will confirm updated driving times before the restart of the race. If the circumstances so require, the Stewards may take the decision to stop and/or modify the race time. Only officials are allowed on the grid. The drivers may leave their cars (but must not move away from them) and remove their helmets and gloves. Driver changes are prohibited. As Parc Fermé rules apply to all the cars, no repairs are authorised in the pits.