It is prohibited to drive a car in the opposite direction to that of the race (penalty: exclusion), unless, and only unless, it is in order to move the car from a dangerous position and following the instructions of the track marshals.

The drivers must imperatively keep to the race track. Penalties in case of infringement: during practice or the race, penalty that may go as far as exclusion of the driver (at the discretion of the Panel of Stewards).

During practice and the races, any car that is stopped will be cleared from the track by the marshals so as not to constitute a danger or hamper the running of the practice session or race. If the driver is unable to move his car from a dangerous position by himself, the marshals will assist him.

During the race, the driver must not benefit from that assistance to restart the engine (Penalty at the discretion of the Panel of Stewards: possible exclusion of the competitor). Unless instructed by the marshals, if the driver moves more than 10 metres from his car, the car may be considered as having retired from the race (at the discretion of the Panel of Stewards). Nobody except the marshals may come within 10 metres of the car and/or driver.

At any moment during the event, whenever a driver leaves his car on the track, he must leave it in neutral or with the driveline disengaged, the hybrid system secured and with the steering wheel in place. This provision also applies to the Parc Fermé (Penalty at the discretion of the Panel of Stewards: Exclusion of the competitor is possible). Under no circumstances may the driver push his car, including in the pit lane (Penalty: Exclusion of the competitor).

Any replenishment of any energy or liquid on the track is prohibited (Penalty: Exclusion of the competitor).

Save as specifically authorised by the International Sporting Code or the current Sporting Regulations, no one except the driver is authorised to touch a stopped car unless it is in its designated area in the pit lane, in its garage, or on the starting grid (Penalty: exclusion of the competitor).

During the race, if a car stops, the engine must be restarted with the starter or any other on-board equipment by the driver alone.

The beginning and end of the pit area will be defined precisely at each circuit. In the pit area, a maximum of four people is authorised to push a car belonging to their team as far as its pit. Any car going to the end of the pit area while awaiting the green light must go there under its own power (Penalty: at the Stewards’ discretion).

Any car presenting a potential danger (excessive deterioration or deterioration of a safety component) must be stopped for repairs. The car may not rejoin the race without the consent of the Scrutineers.  


For any infringement

Penalty: Possible exclusion of the car and/or the driver concerned, at the discretion of the Panel of Stewards.

In case of non-observance of flags and/or unsporting conduct during practice, cancellation of the times since the start of the session up to the time of the infringement.

During the race, in case of a jumped start, practice starts during the formation lap, non-observance of the imposed distances during the formation lap preceding a start, overtaking on the formation lap preceding the rolling start or under the safety car, non-observance of flags or unsporting conduct, penalty is left to the Stewards' discretion

If the noise level or temperature is exceeded, the car will be stopped by race control and the team must repair the anomaly before the car can be allowed to re-join the race (first excess noted). In the case of subsequent cases of exceeding regulations, penalty at the Stewards’ discretion, up to the exclusion of the competitor.