Chequered flag

When the scheduled time for the race has elapsed or the full race distance has been covered, the chequered flag will be shown to the car that is leading the general classification when it crosses the finish line. It is prohibited to stop on the race track pending the showing of the chequered flag.

After having taken the chequered flag, all cars must proceed on the circuit directly to the Parc Fermé without stopping and without any assistance. Team members must be available in the vicinity of the Parc Fermé in order to help the Scrutineers. Penalty: Possible exclusion of any car that does not proceed to the Parc Fermé as soon as possible.


Conditions for classification

The cars are classified according to the number of complete laps covered during the time of the race. The car placed first is the one that covered the greatest distance up to the showing of the chequered flag. To be classified, a car must have covered at least 70% of the distance covered by the car classified in first place in the overall classification.


Titles, Cups and Trophies

A separate classification will be drawn up for each of the Cup and Trophy titles. The following classifications will be drawn up after each Event: General classification of the Event, World Endurance LMP Drivers' Championship, World Endurance LMP1 Championship, World Endurance Championship for GT Drivers, World Endurance Championship for GT Manufacturers, FIA Endurance Trophy for LMP2 Drivers, FIA Endurance Trophy for LMP2 Teams, FIA Endurance Trophy for GTE Am Drivers and FIA Endurance Trophy for LMGTE Am Teams.