Circuits shall be divided into “Slow Zones” according to their configuration. Track side horizontal markings will be in place to help drivers identify the beginning and the end of Slow Zones.

The Race Director / Clerk of the Course may decide to implement a SLOW procedure. The marshals’ post or posts (depending on circuit configuration) preceding the Slow Zone will have a single waved yellow flag. The sector/s under the SLOW procedure will have marshals’ posts, within its/their boundaries displaying boards indicating SLOW accompanied by double waved yellow flags.

Teams will be informed via pit-wall radio and by a message on the timing monitors. Drivers will also be alerted by the onboard display. In the preceding zone marshals will display "Next Slow" boards. The maximum speed of 80 kph is to be respected throughout the entire zone/s that is/are under SLOW regulation. Overtaking is forbidden from the first yellow flag preceding the SLOW until the car is clear of the waved green flag at the end of the Slow Zone.


A Slow Zone may be preceded and/or followed by an FCY or a Safety Car procedure.  Several Slow Zones, consecutive or not, may be in use at the same time.